[VIDEO] Misa Minnie Masters These Tricks At 7 Months


Remember Misa Minnie, the Yorkie who knows A LOT of tricks?  This video was filmed when she was just 7 months old.  And already she has mastered ALL these skills.

Her owner/trainer uses only positive reinforcement–lots of praise and treats.  Amazing what feeling good can do for learning!

Misa Minnie has her own Facebook page, so if you enjoy her in this video, you can visit her page.  In this video, Misa shows us these tricks — sit pretty, pray, roll over, look sad, knock it down, wave to say hello, weave, go around, lick, push (the shopping cart), close the door, go to bed, crawl, and the cutest one…body check!

I’d say Misa Minnie is ready for Hollywood!  Enjoy the video.



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