[VIDEO] Newfoundland Dogs Being Gentle With Children

video newfoundland dogs being gentle with children

Just look at how gentle these Newfoundland dogs are to the children in this video!   Yet, always mindful of the little person they are with and being careful of their strength.  THIS is the Newfoundland.  That is why parents are so trusting of having these giants around their little children.  Newfoundland dogs are adored by their owners. Just from this video alone, you can see how gentle they are with children.

Characteristics of a Newfoundland

That gentleness won him a place in children’s stories, such as the Newfoundland in Peter Pan.Newfoundland are the most loyal companions. They have a soft nature and they love to have fun. It’s no wonder the children in the video trust these dogs wholeheartedly. They are not just loyal companions, they are also working dogs. For centuries, Newfoundland’s were trained by the Algonquin and later, the Sioux. They carried loads before the Spaniards introduced horses to the Americas.

They have other qualities that might explain why they travelled with explorers on ships.   They are good watchdogs. They can swim, they can save life, and they can sniff.  Long before people on the explorer’s ship can sight land, a Newfoundland can smell it. His excitement is what gave the clue to the crew that they are near land.

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Today, the Newfoundland is a big heavy dog. They have muscular shoulders, a strong neck, and a powerful body. Extremely intelligent and unusually adaptable too. They can figure out quickly what their owners are up to, and will start working with their owner to achieve that goal. Talk about a team player!

This dog is loved by so many that the government of Newfoundland, Canada, made the Newfoundland the official animal emblem in 1972. Yes, the Newfoundland is on the Canadian stamp! And here’s an interesting historial tidbit–a brave Newfoundland saved a certain French emperor from drowning. That emperor was Napoleon Bonaparte.  History would have been very different if it weren’t for that Newfoundland!  Enjoy this video filled with gentle Newfoundland dogs loving children.


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