[VIDEO] Pitbull Puppy Yawning Noises

video PitBull puppy yawning noises

What sweet sounds!  And no yawning can look cuter than on this face.  Be sure to turn up the volume to hear his lovely sounds.  Is the owner bothering the puppy by tickling him?  I have seen many videos where people do this to their newborn.  Is it for the benefit of the puppy?  Are the owners unable to control themselves from watching the cuteness in front of their eyes?  So I did some research on this topic.

Ways to help a puppy with neurological development

There is a paper written by Dr. Carmen Battaglia entitled Early Neurological Stimulation.  There is developmental benefits by stimulating a very young puppy in certain ways.  In her paper, she shares findings on how early neurological stimulation can have important effects that are long lasting.

https://doggieoutpost.com/video-pitbull-puppy-yawning-and-making-cute-noises/As early as from the 3rd day of the puppy’s life through the 16th day, is a period of rapid neurological growth. So this is the time to give our puppy an advantage.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

So how do we use this information to benefit our puppy? One of the exercises is tactile stimulation between the toes.  Hold the puppy with one hand.  Use a Q-tip to stimulate between the toes on any foot.  It does not matter if the puppy feels the tickle.  Do this ONLY for 3-5 seconds.  And only once a day during this period of time.  Do not overstimulate.  That could have adverse effects.

Some of the benefits from these early neurological stimulation include improved heart rate, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more able to deal with stress, more able to resist disease.  In learning, the “stimulated” pups are more active and exploratory than the “non-stimulated” siblings.  Interesting!  You can read the details of these exercises here.    Enjoy watching this beautiful young puppy yawning and making very cute noises.

Article source:  Dr. Carmen Battaglia via Lowchensaustralia


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