[VIDEO] Pomeranian Puppies Getting Spoon Fed


The Pomeranian puppies in this video are getting spoon fed.    They are Tonka and Sofie.  At this filming, they are 4 weeks old.  Their mom is helping them transition into solid food by using a spoon to feed them.  The gray colored Pom seems to have a larger appetite, and is ready to eat off the plate all by himself.

The light brown Pom still appreciates the help of eating from a spoon.   They behave almost like human babies who are being spoon fed. They get distracted by other things and stop eating until their mom calls their attention to the food again.  And even though they are eating from a spoon, somehow they manage to get food on their hair and ear!  Not unlike human babies. 🙂

Enjoy watching Tonka and Sofie getting spoon-fed.


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