[VIDEO] Puppies Exploring Their New Lives


The puppies in this video are exploring their new lives here.  All kinds of fresh experiences.

Do you remember the first time you walked across a sliding door?  That threshold is unexpected if you’ve never crossed one.  And it’s easy to trip over it the first time.  Or the first time you walked on grass?  The soft wet carpet out in the backyard?  Oh it feels heavenly!  The smell, especially after it’s been cut, is like, well, salad!

And then there’s lunch time.   Are you suppose to eat the dry food on the floor?  Or in the bowl?  The bowl is as tall as you are!   And the pond in the backyard.  It feels strange in the water.  Your feet don’t touch anything.  How do you keep the water out of your nose?

And that pet door!  Oh it’s fun.  It takes hardly any effort to go through it.  It’s like magic!

And barking!  Oh what power!  Some creatures are actually scared of my powerful voice!

It’s fun being a puppy and exploring new worlds!   Enjoy this video.


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