[VIDEO] Puppy Crawling And Building Muscles


The puppy in this video may look cute sliding across the bed sheet, but he’s actually developing some serious muscles.  Have you ever tried to slide across a smooth surface using mostly your leg muscles and belly?  Go ahead, try it today.  It’s strenuous.

All the little cute movements that puppies make, I think are strengthening the muscles to crawl, and preparing their little legs to support them when they start walking.

I wonder if that’s why puppies sleep so much.  It seems like they don’t do much.  They may crawl for a little bit, and then plop down to rest.  Maybe THIS is the reason why.  Muscles that have not been used before.  They are feeling it for the first time, and making sense of how to move their little bodies.

Still, it’s enjoyable for humans to watch the little ones get used to their bodies.

Image source:  chokingsun on Flickr


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