[VIDEO] Puppy Listening To Mom On Cell Phone


The puppy in this video is listening to his human mom’s voice on the cell phone.  His name is Harvey.  Turn up your volume so you can hear what she says and how the puppy responds with his body.

Imagine being this puppy.  He hears the voice of his human mom.  He is eager to get to her.  Yet, no body.  Where IS she?!

Telephone is a human concept.  It’s not in the world of dogs.  It has GOT to be confusing the first time they hear a voice and cannot locate the person.  After a few times, these puppies probably get used to the experience and get less confused about the whole thing.

Watch how this puppy deals with the confusion at the end of the video.  I think it’s a really smart reaction.  Next time I feel as he does, I may try his technique.

Enjoy this familiar scene of a mom who misses her puppy, and the reaction of the puppy to their humans over the phone.


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