[VIDEO] Retriever Puppy Loves To Watch Movie


The Retriever puppy in this video loves to watch the movie “Air Buddies.”  Her name is Molly.  I watched Molly interact with the movie.  Everytime there is an emotional tone in the actor (or the dog’s voice-over), Molly’s body moves in response, either standing up, wanting to get inside the TV to interact with the dogs and humans, or her neck muscles would tense up in response to the emotions.  Empathy.  That characterizes Molly in this video.  I remember another dog friend who ran up to the TV screen when he heard wolf cubs howling.  He wants to interact with them.  Isn’t it wonderful that dogs are as emotional as we are?  And as empathetic as we are?  That’s one of the many reasons I adore dogs.

Enjoy watching Molly interacting in her own way with the movie characters.


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