[VIDEO] Samoyed And Cat Are Buddies


The Samoyed and cat in this video are buddies.   The cat is Gilbert, and the Samoyed is Nora.  See the bow to make her hair pretty?  Gilbert and Nora are being affectionate with each other, hugging and kissing and grooming each other.  Watch how they use their paw to touch the other’s hand.  Gilbert uses both her arms to pull Nora toward her.  And when Gilbert turns away for a moment to scratch himself, Nora reaches out and puts her arm on Gilbert’s back.  It must be entertaining to watch these two all day long.  Just witnessing this moment brightens our day.  Kat writes about her experience with Gilly (Gilbert) and Nora in Gilly In The City.  She is a first time dog owner, and she has done her research months before getting her Samoyed, Nora.  Then she moved to Chicago, and found out just how much Samoyeds bark.  She shares some tips with those thinking about getting a Samoyed and living in an apartment in the city.

Samoyeds have a lot of energy.  When Kat first got Nora, she had more time to spend at home, so Nora was happy.  Then her schedule doesn’t permit that as much, and Nora starts to bark, sometimes for 30 minutes.  Neighbors do not appreciate this, especially when Samoyeds have a high-pitch voice.  Kat recommends researching dog parks before you lease an apartment.  Fortunately, there are lots of dog owners in her apartment high-rise, and she has gotten to be friends with them.  So when she can’t take Nora out for walks, she arranges playdates for Nora and other dogs in the apartment complex.  Samoyeds were born to be working dogs, so they do need outlet for their energy.  Lots of playtime, lots of exercise.  Kat highly recommends that you ask other dog owners before you get a dog.  She find them very open to answering questions for to-be-dog-owners.  You can read Kat’s entire article here.

Article source:  Kat in Gilly In The City


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