[VIDEO] Scottish Terrier Puppies Meet In A Pet Store

video Scottish terrier puppies meeting at the store

What’s a good place for dogs to meet dogs?  A pet store!  In this video, 2 Scottish Terrier puppies met each other at Petco.  The black Terrier is Effie. You can hear one of the Scotties barking.  A pretty powerful bark for such a little dog.

What are Scottish Terriers like?

That’s one of the traits identified by Dog Time, in addition to being a good watch dog.  In fact, if you live in a noise-restricted building, choose another breed because a Scottish Terrier will bark at strangers.  He has moderate exercise needs.  This and also due to his small size, a Scottish Terrier can live in an apartment provided he has a way to let out his energy.  He is NOT a low-energy dog. They were bred to be working dogs.  And they dig.  It’s a good idea to provide a space in your yard to let your Scottie dig away to his heart’s content.

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Even though Scottish Terrier do need to exercise, keep in mind that they have short legs, which means they can get tired sooner.  One step for you can be 2 steps for him.  And definitely, do NOT take him jogging.   And when you take him for a walk, be sure to put him on a leash because he has a chase instinct.  If he sees a small animal running, off he goes after them.

Same with your backyard.  Have a physical fence, but not an electric fence.  This will keep him from going after interesting moving things or smell.  Scotties are not suitable for families with toddlers or infants.  If someone plays rough with them or pull on them, they will defend themselves.  Although the Scotties do not shed much, you do need to groom him once a week.  And if he is a show dog, everyday.  You can learn more about the Scottish Terrier here.  Enjoy watching Effie getting acquainted with her new friend at Petco.

Article source:  Dog Time


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