[VIDEO] Service Dog Helps With Banking Needs


The service dog in this video is helping her owner with banking needs.  The dog is Renae.  Her owner is Margie, who has Cerebral Palsy.   Margie appreciates the many tasks that Renae is able to do for her, such as pulling off her socks, pulling off her shoes, bring her the remote control, finds her glasses, and many other daily tasks.  Renae knows over 100 commands.

In this video, Renae is helping Margie pull the cash out from the ATM machine.  When I first encountered service dogs, the biggest challenge for me was resisting the urge to interact with them.  Now I understand that when they have their “work jacket” on, I am to respect their mission at the moment and not distract them from giving full attention to their owner.

Enjoy watching Renae help Margie.  And THANK YOU service dogs everywhere!


Image source:  via Cater News Agency and Daily Mail


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