[VIDEO] Shih Tzu Puppy Rotate When Eating


The little Shih Tzu puppy in this video is rotating while she is eating.  It’s an interesting habit.  Turn up your volume so you can hear this little one savor her food.  She wags her tail when she eats, and she moves counter-clockwise.  She also spread her hind legs out, as if she is sliding.  I was curious about the wagging of the tail.  I remember reading that a puppy’s head is larger in proportion to the rest of the body at this stage, so they may have to do a little balancing so they don’t tip over when they lean forward.  I wonder if that’s why the wagging–a way of keeping herself balanced.

Enjoy watching this delightful and beautiful Shih Tzu puppy  and listen to her enjoying her food.


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