[VIDEO] Skateboarding Bulldog Makes Guinness World Records


Otto is an English Bulldog who lives in Peru.  He loves to skateboard, among other sports.  On Guinness World Records Day, 30 humans formed a human tunnel with their legs for Otto to skate through.  He is now in the GWR for the Longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding dog.  Congratulations Otto!  Otto’s human mom, Luciana, first came up with this when Otto was skateboarding toward her really fast, and she had to let him pass through her legs so he wouldn’t run into her.  Actually, quite a few dogs enjoy sports such as skateboarding and surfing.  And you can teach your dog to skateboard too.  First you want to assess several factors before asking your dog to hop onto her new adventure.  Is this a breed that’s suitable for skateboarding?  Bulldog’s body is quite ideal for this sport.  Or PitBull.  If they have a muscular back end, it helps them be sturdier on the board.  Welsh Corgi, even though the back end is there, have legs that are too short to reach the ground from the board, according to Nicole Pajer in Paw Culture, who interviewed a professional skateboard and a dog trainer.

Another factor to consider is the health of your dog.  Check with your vet first if she is healthy enough for skateboarding.  Personality also plays a role.  Don’t put a nervous dog on a skateboard.  A possible candidate is someone who has a go-getter attitude.  At the beginning, they may feel a bit nervous, but once they get over the initial feeling, they might enjoy this game.  And if your dog pass the “muscular back end” and “health” criteria, if she does not like to try new things like this, don’t force her.  This article takes you step by step in introducing your dog to the board, then to using it.  You can read the entire article here.

Article source:  Nicole Pajer in Paw Culture


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