[VIDEO] The Daily Life Of Boomer The Golden Retriever Puppy


In this video, you’ll see Boomer the Golden Retriever puppy in his daily life.  You can tell this is one well-loved puppy.  From the way his mom touches him and holds him while they are on the boat.  Boomer is enjoying the wind in his face.  This is definitely a water dog.

Watch how he plays with the water running out of the garden hose, his enjoyment at the beach, walking in the water.  Except when the water is approaching the shore.  Boomer is not used to having water chase him.  So he ran to his parent for safety.   While waiting for his parent to feed him, Boomer got impatient and reached for his parents’ legs.  This is a sweet dog.

Enjoy watching Boomer on his many play activities.

Image source:  Lovable Dogshttp://lovable-dogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Boomer-The-Golden-Retriever-Puppy-1.jpg


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