[VIDEO] The Dog Who Loves Kittens


The dog in this video LOVES kittens.  His name is Murkin.   You can see in this video how comfortable the kittens are around him.  They probably don’t even know he is a dog!  These kittens are foster kittens.  They like to snuggle with Murkin because he is so gentle and patient.  When he was adopted from the shelter as a puppy, he was shy and timid, and wary of strangers.  His parents helped him feel more confident around new people.  Today, Murkin is very loving around anyone who gives him attention.  He is a mix of Great Pyrenees / Labrador / Australian Shepherd, maybe something else.   Murkin loves everyone, especially cats.  And he has his own Facebook page.

Enjoy watching this dog who loves kittens, and whom kittens LOVE!


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