[VIDEO] These 2 Corgis Adore Puppuccino


The 2 Corgis in this video adore puppuccino.  They are Ginger and Arturo.  Their Mom is holding a small cup of puppuccino for the two to share.  Basically, it is whipped cream.  It’s not officially on Starbuck’s menu, but sometimes customers do ask for extra whip cream on the side for their beverage.  Or maybe for their dog. 🙂

Watch how the puppy on the left licks the one on the right so no whipped cream is wasted.  Ginger and Arturo share very nicely.  I wonder if Corgis tend to have a sweet tooth.  My Corgi friend loves coconut water and kettle pop corn.

Enjoy watching these 2 Corgis savor their puppuccino.


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