[VIDEO] These Huskies Are So Loving With The Babies


Listen to the comforting sound some of the Huskies in this video make to soothe the babies.  As soon as the baby starts crying, the Husky (most likely Siberian Husky) starts to croon.   Most of the babies stop crying soon afterwards.  Maybe that’s an instinctive way that Huskies soothe little ones.  They may also be alerting the parents to come care for their babies.   A couple of the Huskies are having fun trying to entertain their toddlers.  The children were laughing.  This seems to encourage their Husky to keep entertaining them.  See the 2 Huskies toward the end of the video who are so eager to take a look at the baby that they stand on their hind legs beside the crib just to get a better look?  Siberian Huskies are actually very good with young children, according to All About Siberian Huskies.  Below are some of these reasons.

Siberian Huskies are even tempered.  They are unlikely to suddenly change their mood and become aggressive.   Huskies were raised to be pack dogs.  The breed tends not to be aggressive, as they work side by side with others, both people and dogs.  Because they were bred to work, they have high energy.  If you have a child who is highly energetic, you won’t need to worry about your child wearing this dog out.  They are up for it!   Huskies are not territorial like some other breeds are.  This is an advantage when your kids’ friends come over to play.  You don’t need to worry about a Husky thinking that your child’s friend is in his territory.  This being said, Huskies do tend to use their mouth a lot.  If your child rough-house with your dog, there may be some unintentional nipping.  So either have your child not rough-house with your dog, or train the dog as a puppy to not bite, for this is a natural way for them to explore their world.    You can read more about this topic here.

Article source:  All About Siberian Huskies


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