[VIDEO] These Two Bulldogs Snore Loudly


The two bulldogs in this video snore loudly.  Really loudly.  Their names are Star and Petunia.  What pretty names.  I certainly hope these dogs have their own room away from their humans.  And a sound proof room at that!  I imagine it would be hard to fall asleep if these two dogs are snoring in the same room.   I remember a story from a friend with 3 French bulldogs who also snore loudly.  She actually takes some sleeping aid because they snore so loudly that it keeps her from falling asleep.  It is cute to watch snoring dogs in a short video.  But when it’s at home, and you are wide awake in your bed listening to that loud snore, it’s a whole different story.   I hope you are not in that situation. 🙂

Enjoy listening to these two really loud sleepers.


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