[VIDEO] This Basset Hound Puppy Can Play Peekaboo By Himself

video Basset hound puppy

What’s more adorable than the sweet Basset Hound puppy in this video?  Already his ears are so long that he can play peekaboo by himself.  In fact, his Mom did just that!  Can you feel how relaxed the mom is from playing with her puppy?

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Soon enough, this puppy will figure out his biggest asset to get whatever he wants in life–his pleading eyes.  Just look at those eyes!  Can you say no to a treat?  Or will you stay mad at him for long?  While a hound may be too much dog for some, the Basset Hound is a different story.

What is a Basset Hound like?

His good nature makes him a wonderful family companion, a his short legs slow him down, unlike the other hounds.

Part of the name, Basset Hound, comes from a French word “bas” meaning “low.”  That makes sense, seeing how he is low to the ground.

This is a dog who is never in a hurry.  A long walk with him would make him extremely happy because he loves to stop and smells the roses, as well as interesting scents along the path.  The highly intelligent Basset Hound knows how to manipulate our emotions, according to Vetstreet.  They use “helpless” body language and wag their tails a lot as their tools of persuasion. If they want us to let them stay on the couch longer, they just roll over on their back, moan, and make eye contact with those puppy eyes.

Because the Basset is so guided by his nose, he can lead himself into danger, like crossing a street or escaping under a fence and follow an interesting scent that’s far from home.  To protect him, have a fence that is secure.  Help him use that wonderful scent by participating in tracking–following human scent.  Or maybe Basset field trials. You can read more about Basset Hounds here.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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