[VIDEO] This Dog Is Admiring Himself In The Mirror


The dog in this video is admiring himself in the mirror.  Or so it looks.  His name is Maymo.   The description under the video says that whenever Maymo gets in front of a mirror, he plays and jumps and stares at his own reflection.   And he’s been doing this since he was a puppy.

Healthy self-adoration!   At the beginning of the video, I thought Maymo was looking behind the mirror to see if there’s a friend that might come out from the mirror.  Then when he scratches the frame of the mirror, I thought he was trying to open the door for the doggie in the mirror to come out and play.   Maybe after all these years, Maymo still believes that perhaps the magic dog will come out from the mirror.

Enjoy this interesting moment with a self-adoring dog named Maymo.


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