[VIDEO] This Little Girl And Her Pit Bull Are Never Apart


The little girl in this video is never apart from her Pit Bull.  The two darlings grow up together, born around the same time.   The puppy is around the little girl all the time.  When she sleep, when she is up and around.  As he grows older, he makes sure that she is safe.

There are some sweet photos and video clips of their relationships.  What is it like for this little girl to grow up side by side with her dog?  Not knowing a life without him?  Same for the puppy.  He does not know a life without this little girl.  I imagine this girl will grow up to look at the world with love, just like her puppy looks at her.  It’s a habit of expectation.

Enjoy this very sweet video of a little girl never apart from her Pit Bull puppy.


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