[VIDEO] This Loving Dog Is Rocking A Baby To Sleep

Loving dog rocking baby to sleep

How peaceful this baby looks as his loving pooch rocks him to sleep.   This dog actually knows what he is doing!   He is rocking the cradle very gently so the baby feels soothed by the motion. And when his parent calls him over, he cooperates right away.

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Dog breeds that are good with children

This is a very smart and well-trained dog.  His attention was entirely focused on the baby while he was rocking the cradle.   If you are looking for a dog, and you have children, particularly a newborn at home, some traits about the dog you bring home need to include mild temperament, very low aggression, and with an energy level that matches your children’s energy.

So what are some of the breeds that match this description?   Claire Gallam on She Knows recommends 5 breeds for family with children.   Labrador Retrievers — golden, black, yellow– is among the best.  They are good natured, very loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and have a moderate energy level.  Their personalities are mellow.

And if you already have another dog in the house, that’s not a problem.  Labs are friendly and usually get along with other dogs.  Another breed that’s good for family with babies and children is the Golden Retriever.   They are gentle, patient, very smart, and have good manners.  They are easy to train, make good watch dogs, and most importantly, have strong protective instincts around children.   You do need to brush them everyday.  And they definitely need their exercise.

Another breed that’s good with children is the Collie.  They have caring instincts.  They are playful and gentle.  And it doesn’t hurt to have a dog with really great hearing and eyesight!  You can read more about these recommended breeds for families with newborn babies here.  Enjoy watching this loving dog rock his baby to sleep.

Article source:  Claire Gallam on She Knows


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