[VIDEO] This Puppy Is Eager To Befriend A Kitten


The puppy in this video is eager to befriend a kitten.  And he is quite effective in initiating the interaction.  The kitten is already comfortable with the dog because she is lying right next to him, feeling completely relaxed.  I believe it is a myth that dogs and cats do not get along.  This is just one of the many videos that prove otherwise.

The puppy rolls on its side, facing the kitten.  It puts a paw over its nose.  I’m not sure if that’s an invitation to play.  The kitten sticks her nose under the puppy’s paw to sniff him.  Then the puppy rolls onto its back.  That sends such a message of safety to the cat.  I think these 2 will be very good friends.

Enjoy this sweet moment of friendship.


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