[VIDEO] This Shih Tzu Is Fascinated By the New Puppy


The Shih Tzu in this video is fascinated by the new puppy.  His name is Oreo.  And the puppy’s name is Spot.  It’s cute to name puppies by their physical attributes.  I can tell Oreo is going to have fun playing with Spot as he gets bigger.  For now, Spot is still crawling.

Oreo already considers Spot a playmate.  He is approaching Spot, with his tail wagging, sniffing him, watching him.  He makes that jerky movement dogs make when they want to play.   When Spot crawls toward Oreo, he backs up.  The puppy is making some wonderful puppy noise.  Oreo keeps looking up at the videographer, as if to ask “What’s going on here?”

Enjoy watching these sweet moments of Oreo getting acquainted with the new puppy.


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