[VIDEO] Tiny White Pomeranian Playing With Mom’s Hand


The tiny white Pomeranian in this video is playing with Mom’s hand.  What a lovely sight to see a teacup-sized fluffy Pom running toward us to play with us?  Not juts that, but to reach out with her little paw to hold on to our hand, and lick us.  That has got to be a lovely experience.

This fluffy little one has hair that’s going straight up, as if just blown dry.  Almost looks like static.  I wonder if her hair always stands up like this.  The video does not say how old this cutie is.  I wonder if she’ll get bigger than this?  She can probably fit on the woman’s hand.  Such a joyful one, delighted to interact with Mom.

Enjoy watching this fluffy and tiny Pomeranian playing with Mom.


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