[VIDEO] Two Dogs Learn To Play Piano By Ear


The 2 dogs in this video learn to play piano by ear.  They have perfect pitch, and are taking piano lessons.

The woman teaching them may also be their human mom.  I am guessing from a different video I watched.  Listen to her tone of voice when she teaches them.  She is encouraging, clear, and calm.   And she gives them positive feedback frequently.   She also rewards each dog at the end with a treat.

In the video, the woman plays a note on her piano, and the dogs match her note.  In the first part of the video, the dogs play individually.  Then there’s a pause in the video (which seemed like the end of the filming, but it’s just a pause.)

In the second part of the video, both dogs are playing together, an octave apart.

This is extraordinary footage—seeing such talents of 2 dogs with perfect pitch.  Enjoy!


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