[VIDEO] Two Pomeranian Puppies At Week 4 and Week 5


In this video, you’ll see two Pomeranian puppies.  One is 4 weeks old, and the other is 5 weeks old.  I am guessing that the first one in the video is the older one because of the way he explores the world.  He’s much more active in his adventure.  And he uses his paws a lot.  Mom is sniffing and kissing her little one, and he finds that it’s more attention than he wants, so he waves her away with his little paw.  At least that’s what it looks like.

The other puppy is probably the younger one.  She rests after taking a couple of steps.  She is a lot fluffier.  And she seems to be content finding a good spot to sit.  Someplace cushy.  It’s interesting how personalities show already at such a young age.

Enjoy watching these two Pomeranians with different personalities.


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