[VIDEO] Two Pomeranian Puppies Kissing And Talking

video Pomeranian puppies kissing

Just listen to these sweet voices!   The two Pomeranian puppies in this video are kissing each other and talking.  We can hear their parents delightfully muffling a laugh in the background because they find this just too precious, and they don’t want to distract the puppies from their talk.

The little bark must take a great deal of effort from a tiny body like theirs.  Watch how the entire body moves when one of the puppy lets out a little bark.  It’s interesting how puppies wait for another to yawn, then stick their nose in their mouth.  To us, this doesn’t seem very smart because that gives the other the opportunity to bite down on their nose.  But according to The Nest, this can be a sign of affection or a signal that one of them wants to play.  Yes, what we think is puppies kissing may actually be a whole different language.

What does licking mean to a dog?

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When dogs are already buddies, and even if they are meeting for the first time, licking the other’s mouth is often a sign of “I like you” or “I want to play.”  And if they combine this licking with wiggling their behind and lowering their front legs, that’s a sign of “I want to do something fun.”  You’ve seen dogs do that with you when they are ready to have some fun with you.

Now, if the dog being licked is not in the mood to play, it’s a good idea to remove your dog.  Imagine a friend badgering you to do something with them when you feel like being left alone.  Same with dogs.

Sometimes when a high-energy dog is frustrating another dog, the enthusiastic one may say sorry by licking the other’s face gently to say “I’m sorry.”

Usually she lick the other dog’s mouth by coming in from below.  Sometimes she would also raise her paw a little bit, as if to say “please forgive me.”  If you see that, wouldn’t YOU forgive her?

If the other dog returns the lick, that means “We’re good.  All is forgiven.”  Enjoy watching these 2 Pomeranian puppies being their cute puppy selves.

Article source:  The Nest


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