[VIDEO] Welcome Home Samoyed Puppy


The family in this video is welcoming home their Samoyed puppy, Bear.  Bear is only 8 weeks old at this filming.  Turn up your volume because the accompanying song is quite nice.  There is something very soft about Samoyeds’ eyes.  I wonder if it’s indicative of their general nature.  Bear is very quiet in the car.  Once his mom starts playing with him, it takes hardly any time for Bear to feel at home.  He’s jumping over mom’s back, mouthing her arm.  I think Bear is going to adapt to his new home very easily.  I did a bit of research about this breed.  Samoyeds tend to be friendly, gentle, and good family dogs.  They are affectionate with family, very kid friendly, also friendly with other dogs, as well as strangers.

Enjoy watching this family welcome home their Samoyed puppy, Bear.


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