[VIDEO] What A Cute White English Bulldog Puppy


In this video, we get to see an all white English Bulldog puppy who’s only 3-weeks-old.  This puppy seems to sound a bit stressed from the sound she is making.  She crawls around at the beginning of the video, as if a bit agitated.  Somehow Dad seems to soothe her successfully.  He talks to her, makes some sort of sound people often make when talking to a puppy.  And he strokes her, runs his hand on her head.  The sound of his Dad and the physical touches seem to calm this puppy.  The agitation seems to be gone.  Sometimes the smallest gestures help immensely.

The White English Bulldog is originally bred to protect the family and livestock.  They control and retrieve even the roughest livestock.  So their temperament is fiercely protective of their masters, their master’s family, livestock, property, and especially the children.  If they are bred properly, there are very few health problems.  You can read more about this breed here.

Enjoy watching this cute little 3-weeks-old Bulldog puppy.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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