Your Doggie Can Help You Meet More Friends


I just finished reading an article about how our dogs can help us meet more friends, written by Cherie Burbach in About Relationships.

Many things she pointed out make sense.  For example, having a mutual interest, it’s easier to start a conversation with a total stranger.

If you go to the dog park, you can chat with other dog owners and find out about doggie daycare, where to buy flea collars, other dog parks, and doggie-related events.

You may meet more people in your neighborhood when you walk your dog.  And if your dog takes a liking to your new friends, maybe that’s an option for dog-sitters when you go out of town.

Dogs are not only good companions.  They can help us meet even more friends!  Thank you, doggie friends!


Here’s an excerpt from Cherie’s article:

Sit Outside With Your Dog at the Coffee Shop

Many coffee shops have outside areas where you can hang out with your pet. Make sure your dog is socialized so if a stranger walks up and talks to you, it doesn’t bark or snap

Chat With Other Dog Owners at the Vet

Even the healthiest of pets need to go to the vet occasionally, and each time you do you’ll have an opportunity to connect with other animal owners and even the staff. Each visit offers a potential friend connection.

Meet Other Dog Owners at the Groomer

Some dogs do not like the groomer, so you’ll see plenty of owners trying to soothe their pet while they wait in line. This atmosphere makes people very receptive to conversation and meeting someone new.

You can read the entire article here.


Article source:  About Relationships

Image source:  Mark Scott Austin TX on Flickr


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