20 Interesting Dog Facts To Share With Children (or Adults)


I just read an article on Dogtime that made a list of 20 interesting facts about dogs.

Here are some questions for you.  No peeking!  Answer them to yourself first. 🙂

  • How much better is a dog’s sense of smell compared to a human’s sense of smell?
  • How much more accurate can a dog hear compared to humans?
  • Which part of a dog is similar to a human’s finger print?
  • How long does a female dog carry her babies before they are born?


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

If never spayed or neutered, a pair of dogs can produce 66,000 puppies  in 6 years.

The average dog can run about 19 miles per hour at full speed.
It is a myth dogs are color blind:  they actually see color, just not as vividly as a person.

With an average lifespan of just over 11 years, the typical dog costs $13,500.


To read the article, click here.


Article source:  Dogtime

Image source:  bazzadaramblerimages on Flickr.com


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