Tumbles The 2-legged Puppy Learns To Use Wheelchair


I read a heart-warming story on Buzzfeed about this little puppy who was born with 2 legs.  A couple saw his photo on Facebook and came up with a design for a wheelchair that would help Tumbles get around.

The President of Friends of the Shelter Dog said that Tumbles doesn’t act as if he has any limitation.

This reminds me of many people with “disability” who never see themselves as having a handicap.  Often they achieve far beyond what many would who have no disability.

Here’s a photo of Tumbles.

Crystal Richmond


Here is a short excerpt from the article:

When asked how Tumbles is getting on with his new wheelchair, Marx told BuzzFeed News: “It’s going to be a process”.

“He’s a little sweetheart and doesn’t act as if he has any limitations,” she added.

“Since he is so little and still growing he needs to learn how to walk properly. Once the wheelchair is properly fitted he will need to go through physical therapy.”

You can see more photos and a video about Tumbles here.


Article source:  Buzzfeed

Photo image courtesy of Crystal Richmond.


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