A Blind Golden Retriever That Helps Children With Special Needs


This is a wonderful article about a blind dog who is helping children with different abilities.  And adults who need to be uplifted too.

Ruptly reporter wrote that Smiley was born blind, and was rescued by dog trainer Joanne George.  She could not find a home for him, so she adopted Smiley herself.

Joanne soon realized that Smiley would make a GREAT therapy dog because he is so kind to people.

Below this photo of Smiley is an excerpt from the article.

“He’s never been able to see, so he’s had to learn to understand his other amazing senses,” George told The Huffington Post on Thursday. “Smiley just makes people smile.”

“These kids who were born with different disabilities are able to see that dogs, too, are born with the same disabilities,” George said. “It’s important for them to see that Smiley has overcome, and that he’s happy.”

CLICK here to read the entire article.  And watch a video of Smiley.


Article source:  Ruptly

Image source:  quisp99 on Imgur


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