Funny Messages Dog People Write To Each Other And Doggie Photos Too


I can totally relate to these dog lovers’ feelings. ¬†Michelle Regna of Buzzfeed selected some choice messages dog lovers write to each other, and of course, photos of the reason they write to each other. ūüôā

Here’s the message on Image # 18 that I entirely relate to:

All dogs are puppies.

  • very small dog? ¬†puppy
  • very big dog? ¬†puppy
  • very young dog? ¬†puppy
  • very old dog? ¬†puppy
  • puppy? ¬†puppy

CLICK here to see the lovely dogs AND owners’ messages.

She's practicing her puppy dog eyes! (x-post from rdachshund) - Imgur


Article source:  Michelle Regna of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Imgur via Buzzfeed


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