Clean Your Dog’s Ears Regularly To Prevent Infection


I just finished reading an article on why it’s important to clean your dog’s ears regularly AND how to do it safely.  The article went into quite a bit of detail.  Jen Gabbard of Puppy Leaks  also included a video that demonstrate how to clean your dog’s ears (without being too invasive).

In her article, Jen wrote that ear infection is the #1 reason why dogs go to the vet.  So checking your doggie’s ears regularly can help to prevent infection.

Jen suggested some home made solutions, as well as what is recommended to her by her vet.

Below this photo is an excerpt from her article.


Here’s an excerpt from Jen’s article:

Ear Infection Symptoms

If your dogs ears smell bad or he’s scratching at them or shaking his head he might be suffering from an ear infection. You should contact your veterinarian so they can properly diagnose and treat it. They’ll take a sample from your dogs ears and examine it under the microscope to see which microorganisms are present.

Dogs Susceptible to Ear Infections

There are a couple factors that increase the likelihood of your dog developing an ear infection.

If your dog has long, floppy ears they’re more likely to trap dirt and moisture due to the lower amount of air flow reaching the ear canal.

Dogs with a lot of inner ear hair are also more likely to trap excess dirt and debris in their ears. And dogs that live in a humid environment are more susceptible to developing ear infections.

Dogs that swim often can develop ear infections; make sure you dry your dogs thoroughly when they’re done swimming.

CLICK  here to read the entire article AND watch the video.

Article source:  Jen Gabbard of Puppy Leaks

Image source:  JulieDesigns4U on Flickr



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