Keep Your House Clean From Pet Hair


If you have a hypoallergenic dog, you may have less work to do around the house.  But if you have doggies that shed frequently, there are some easy tips to keep your life “less busy”.

I read an article by Jen Gabbard on Puppy Leaks on just this topic.

She has experimented with quick ways to clean up AND clean up MORE of the hair your doggie leaves around the house.


Below this photo is an excerpt from the article.


Here is an excerpt from Jen’s article:

Using Dryer Sheets for Practically Anything
I don’t know what I’d do without dyer sheets – they work wonders for picking up dog hair on virtually anything. I use them on furniture, floor corners, and around pesky baseboards. When dealing with fur covered clothing I’ve found that using a slightly dampened dryer sheet in the dryer for a few minutes before you clean your clothes helps to catch a lot of the loose fur.

Dampen & Lightly Sweep Your Carpet Before You Vacuum
If you want to pick up a lot of hair before you vacuum dampen your carpet and use a rubber broom to roll all the hair into a nice little ball.

7. Alternate Vacuum Directions
When vacuuming don’t forget to go over the carpet a few times in alternating directions to pick up more hair. Make sure to empty your vacuum often and don’t forget to check the filters – a clogged filter keeps your vacuum from running efficiently.

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Article source:  Jen Gabbard on Puppy Leaks

Image source:  DaPuglet on Flickr


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