Corgi Beach Day In Southern California


Corgis are helping to make the world better on Corgi Beach Day, which takes place in Southern California.  Can you imagine over 600 Corgis on the same beach???

These doggies are helping to make the world better by showing up for the beach party.  A part of the proceeds from merchandise goes to a local Corgi rescue organization.  Thank you Corgis!

All kinds of fun events take place here–reunion of Corgis from the same litter, costume party, talent show, rolling around in the sand, catching up with other Corgi friends.  Looks like there is order on the beach, even though there are over 600 of these happy Corgis together.

CLICK here to see the Corgi beach party.

Charlie corgi


Article source:  Julia Reinstein of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Corgi Dogs via Buzzfeed


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