Dogs Have Fear Too — LOTS Of Images


Elaina Wahl of Buzzfeed GETS that dogs have fears that are very real to them.  We may think they are funny or irrational.  But so are OUR fears! 🙂

My favorite images are:

  • # 1  Big dog who is afraid of stairs
  • # 3  Big dog who does not realize he can jump over obstacles now
  • # 5  Big dog who is NOT fond of airplane rides
  • #12  It’s a surprise.  Otherwise I’d ruin it for you.
  • #13  Healthy fear of vet’s office
  • #15  I’m not getting into the water!

CLICK here to see the rest of these doggies.

This dog didn't want to be at the vet - Imgur

Article source:  Elaina Wahl of Buzzfeed

Image source:  RedHeadRead on Imgur via Buzzfeed


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