Easy Ways To Teach Your Dog Basic Nose Work


I just finished reading an article on how to teach dogs some basic nose work written by Jen Gabbard on Puppy Leaks.  She writes that some benefits of teaching this skill (to dogs of any age) include:

  • Stimulates them mentally
  • Stimulates them physically
  • Helps them build confidence
  • Helps them feel they “have a job to do”
  • It’s fun for them

Below this photo is an excerpt of JUST ONE of the few games you can play.  I am just quoting the one you can start with.  Then you can build on that as your dog mastered the basics.



Here’s an excerpt from Jen’s article:

Basic Nose Work for Dogs

Your dog should have a good stay command…

Teaching the “find it” command or whatever term you’re going to be calling it is next. Have your dog stay at a given location. While he’s watching you go place a bit of food or his favorite toy at the other end of the room. When you give the cue to release your dog tell him to “find it.” After a few repetitions he’ll know what you’re expecting him to do.

Once your dog seems to know “find it” you can step it up a notch. While your dog is in the stay position put the treat or toy out of his line of sight.

Scent work activity is a lot of fun for dogs – it makes them feel useful and productive. Dogs have been bred to work alongside us; they thrive when they’re given tasks to do.

Meaningful play is important to your dog and it helps build a better bond. It’s different than regular game of fetch – it’s mentally stimulating.

CLICK here to read the entire article.


Article source:  Jen Gabbard of Puppy Leaks

Image source:  Puppy Leaks


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