How much chocolate is toxic to dogs?


I’ve heard that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so I never give my dog friends any.  Yet, I know someone who feeds her dog everything she eats, and nothing happens to the chihuahua.  Yes, that includes chocolate.  So why did nothing happen to her dog?

I came across an article on Holistic Dog on this topic.  The gist of the answer is:  the active ingredient in chocolate is theobromine.  If a dog reaches certain amount of theobromine in his system, it becomes toxic.  The amount of this ingredient in chocolate depends on whether it’s milk, semi-sweet, or baking chocolate.  And the weight of the dog is also a factor in how much can be consumed before reaching that level.

I am copying a portion of that article below.

From Kirk and Bistner’s Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment 6th edition.
The active ingredient in chocolate is theobromine:

The Toxic dose in the dog is 100-150 mg for every 2 lbs of bodyweight in your dog..
Milk chocolate has 44mg/oz (154mg/100gm):
toxic dose for 50 lb dog – 50 oz of milk chocolate.

Semisweet chocolate has 150 mg/oz (528mg/100gm):
toxic dose for 50 lb dog – 15 oz of semisweet chocolate

Baking chocolate 390mg/oz (1365 mg/100gm):
toxic dose for 50 lb dog – 5 oz of baking chocolate


You can read the entire article at Holistic Dog.

Image source:  on Flickr.



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