How to choose toys for our dogs


I came across this article in The Nest by  Jasey Kelly about choosing toys for our dogs.  She finds that the personality of our dog is a main factor.  Here are some general guidelines.

For the power chewers, find a chew toy that’s suitable for the size of your dog.  If you have a super chewer, look into the durable chew toy.  Another type is to stimulate the senses of dogs that get bored easily.  Have them figure out how to get something out of the toy.  Then there’s the cuddler who’s content just being next to you, or have a favorite blanket, something soft.

There is a small section on supervising the chewers.  They may swallow something we don’t want them to.


Here’s a portion of the article:

Power Chewers

You’ll want to make sure the size is right for your pup; most toys have the words “small,” “medium” or “large” on the label to help you choose. If you’ve got a highly destructive pooch with jaws that don’t seem to stop, look for toys that say “durable” or something similar on the label.

Stimulate the Senses

For the pooch who needs a little mental stimulation, tons of toys are now on the market to keep him occupied. Many of these are interactive toys that your pooch has to work at to get a treat out of it. Others produce certain sounds when played with in certain ways.

The Cuddle Crowd

Some dogs don’t particularly like to chew or play fetch; they just like to cuddle. Dogs like this sometimes latch onto a blanket or a soft, plush toy. Your pup might carry it around much like a toddler carries a security blanket. He might lick it, suck on it or simply just want it everywhere he is.

You can click here to read the entire article by Jasey Kelly in The Nest.

Article source:  The Nest

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