How to introduce a dog and a cat to each other


I notice on quite a few videos that cats and dogs get along really well, so I did a bit of research on the topic.  I found an article on about how to introduce your dog to a new cat.  Some of the points I got out of it is you need to match the personalities.  If your dog is gentle and friendly (and is not interested in chasing after squirrels) he might be a good candidate.  Laid-back cats and kittens are good candidates for living harmoniously with a dog.

The overall guideline is positive reinforcement.  And make it a gradual process.  Cats may need a longer time to build this relationship.  Let the cat set her pace.  You want the experience to be pleasant and safe for the new friends.

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Here is a segment from that article:

  • At first, confine your new cat in a room with her food, water and litter box… You can start to introduce your cat and your dog by the doorway to that room. Fill your pockets with treats that your dog loves, like bite-sized pieces of chicken or cheese, and treats that your cat will love as well, such as bits of meat or tuna. Keep the door open but block it with a baby gate. Walk your dog slowly by the doorway several times each day for a couple of days. Praise and treat him for calm behavior, and then toss the cat a treat as well. This way, your cat will associate your dog with delicious treats. If your dog overreacts to the cat, distract him and get his attention focused on you. Avoid accomplishing this by using leash corrections. Instead, get your dog’s attention by asking him to do basic obedience skills, like Sit and Down. Use delicious treats to reward him for his obedience in the presence of something as tempting and distracting as your new cat! Your cat should be free to approach the baby gate to get closer to the dog or to retreat if she wants to. Reward her any time she approaches the baby gate by tossing her treats.

You can read the entire article at  ASPCA


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