How to Ease Your Puppy Into His New Home


When you bring a new puppy home, everyone in the family is excited to welcome the little one.  But how does your puppy feel about the experience?  And what can you do to make his transition to a new environment feel smoother and safer to him?

Todd Bowerman­­­­ wrote about this topic in The Nest.  He gave some specific pointers about how to ease your new puppy into his new home environment.

Some of the ideas he suggests are:  supervision, routine, and consistency.

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Here’s an excerpt from Steve’s article:


Your pup should not have free reign over his new environment. Keep him in a designated part of your home, within view, and use puppy gates to prevent him from roaming. Do not allow him to explore any part of your home without close supervision.

Building Routines

Dogs thrive on routine… The more reliable the schedule, the easier your dog will find it to fall into rhythm in the new location. Dogs without routines are more difficult to potty train and do not adapt as quickly to their surroundings.


Set rules for your dog and ensure everyone in your family abides by them. For example, if your dog is not allowed to eat table scraps, you must be certain that every member of your family sticks to this rule


You can read the entire article here.



Article source:  The Nest

Image source:  Steve Goeringer on


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