How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby


Since your dog has been with you longer than your newborn baby, there are some steps you can take to prepare for this introduction to make sure it is a smooth transition for your dog.

Dog whisperer Cesar recommends in Cesar’s Way that you bring the baby’s scent into the home and let your dog become familiar with the scent before he meets the baby.  This could be the burb cloth, for example.  While you are holding it, challenge the dog to sniff it from a distance.  This starts the process of creating respect for the baby.

Just before the actual meeting, take your dog for a walk to make sure he releases all his excess energy.  So by the time he meets the baby, he is all calm.  And whoever is holding the baby also needs to feel calm when the dog meets and sniffs the baby.  From a respectful distance.  As time passes, the dog would be allowed to get closer and closer to the baby.  This helps to establish the baby as another pack leader.

Matthew Routley

Here’s an excerpt from Cesar’s Way.

Focus on leadership. Nine months is more than enough time for you and your pet to work through most issues and smooth out any unwanted habits, and for you to establish yourself as the unwavering pack leader. If necessary, hire a professional to work with you. You will appreciate the work you put in now when you bring your newborn home to a calm, well-behaved dog.

Claim your baby’s scent. Bring an item that contains your baby’s scent, such as a burp cloth, from the hospital before bringing home the baby. During this exercise, it is crucial that you set clear boundaries.

Establish boundaries around the nursery. I recommend starting with the nursery off-limits. Condition your dog to understand that there is an invisible barrier that she may not cross without your permission. Eventually, you can allow your dog to explore and sniff certain things in the room with your supervision.

Control the introduction. Start by taking your dog on a long walk. Be sure to drain all of your dog’s energy. Before returning, wait at the door step; make sure your dog is in a calm-submissive state before inviting her in.

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Article source:  Cesar’s Way

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