How To Keep Your Mature Dog Healthy And Fit


I read an article in Dog Lovers Dogs on how to keep our dear dog friends healthy and fit when they are mature.

When I visit my mature Corgi friend, he acts like a puppy around me.  That has been our way of relating.  With another person, he may act an older age.  I filter advice I read with my personal knowledge of my friend, and select only what may be of value to him.  I listen to HIM.

The author wrote that mature dogs still benefit from exercise and fresh air outside.  If they need physical support, maybe a pet stroller would give them the fresh air they love.  (A personal note:  I’m sure they’ll also enjoy seeing their dog friends.)

See if they prefer to have their diet modified.  Do they prefer softer meat?  Or have their food warmed up a little?

Observe how much exercise your friend wants.  How long a walk is enjoyable to him?  Does he look like he is sore afterwards?

I personally think that our expectations could affect others’ health.  Just like if a person is expected to act old, they may.

Below this photo is an excerpt from the article:


Invest in age appropriate toys such as chew toys and balls. They may not want to run after a stick like they used to, but they will still need exercise. 

A more senior diet will be required. Heat their food to make it more appealing and ensure that they have a small amount of sunflower oil in their diet.

Keep dog walks short and concise. Go for walks in 20 minute bursts twice per day. Your hound will still need to be exercised to some degree…

You can read the entire article here Dog Lovers Dog

Image source:  Harris Walker on Flickr


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