Homemade Biscuits To Soothe Your Teething Puppies


If you have a puppy that is teething, you might consider making your own biscuits to soothe those little ones.   You know what goes into it, and you know it’ll be healthy.   Jamie Shanks of BDWS (in UK) shares a recipe that is easy to make.

The ingredients you’ll need:  thyme and parsley stuffing mix, oats, flour, egg, hot water.

Below the photo is an excerpt from Jamie’s article AND a link to the recipe.  Remember to convert the temperature into Fahreinheit.  The article is from UK.



Here’s a brief excerpt from Jamie’s article.

The puppy of Bev (our canine dietitian) is teething at the moment and to remedy this and save her coffee table from getting chewed to bits she made this puppy biscuit recipe which is rock hard and satisfying for emerging teeth.  These biscuits are large and thick for a reason so if you break them up into small treats then you’re missing the point. 

CLICK here to follow the recipe.


Article source:  Jamie Shanks of BDWS

Image source:  chlsgraphy on Flickr


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