If You Are Thinking About Fostering A Dog


One of my neighbors fosters dogs all year long.  Different dogs.  And she loves it.

If you’ve been thinking about fostering a dog, I think this article written by Jane Harrell in Petfinder on questions to ask before you foster a dog would be valuable.  She also shares at the end of the article how rewarding the experience has been for her when the pet found a perfect home.

Some of the questions Jane would ask about the dog include:

  • How is he around children?  Cats?  Other dogs?  Or strangers?
  • Is there any medical concerns?
  • Are there any behavioral problems?
  • Is he house-trained?

And some questions to ask about the fostering process would include:

  • Who is responsible for medical bills?
  • If I have a problem, who do I contact?  And how quickly does that person respond?
  • What happens if it’s decided later on that this dog is considered “unadoptable”?
  • Can I adopt him if I want?

Below this photo is an excerpt from Jane’s article


Here’s an excerpt from Jane’s article:

Fostering pets has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and is something I encourage everyone I know to do. But I’ve learned some big lessons along the way.

For the experience to turn out well for the foster parent and the rescue organization (and, most of all, the dog), it’s crucial that all parties communicate and be clear about their expectations and responsibilities.

  1. How did he come to be with the shelter or rescue group and how long has he been here?
  2. Why does he need a foster home now?
  3. Does he have any medical concerns or need medication?
  4. Do you know how he is with kids, cats, dogs and/or strangers? Can my children or pets meet him before I commit to fostering him?

CLICK here to read the entire article.

Article source:  Jane Harrell on Petfinder

Image source:  JeffreyW on Flickr



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