Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face On The Carpet?


I read an article on why dogs rub their face on the carpet or the furniture in Pet4homes.  Some of the reasons include possible allergies, a collar that may not fit comfortably, and a few others.

Before reading the article, the reason that came to my mind immediately was that maybe it just feels good.  Just like the way we like to feel a nice thick bath towel.  Or why some of us like to walk on carpet.

The author also suggests that it may be another way to mark their space.  Especially if scooting or spraying is not allowed in the house.  Rubbing their face and body on the carpet is another way to leave their natural scent, making this THEIR home.

Below this photo is an excerpt from the article.


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Dogs are very physical creatures, which spend a reasonable amount of their time scratching, licking themselves, grooming themselves and generally tending to their own physical needs. But for some dogs, this doesn’t seem to be enough, and your dog might develop something of an obsession about rubbing their faces on the furniture or the carpet, sometimes quite vigorously!


Allergies in the dog can present themselves in a variety of different ways, and can be caused by a whole multitude of things too. Whether your dog suffers from an allergy to something in their food or their environment, certain parts of the body may become uncontrollably itchy to your dog, causing them to rub and scratch the sensitive spots on their faces or other areas on anything that has the right texture to provide them with relief.

Problems with the collar

If your dog wears a collar all of the time, it is important to make sure that it fits properly and is not too snug or too loose, and that the shape and style of the collar are a good match for your dog. Look out for spots where the collar might be pinching, rubbing, or causing bare spots, and replace it ASAP. Also, bear in mind that some dogs can be sensitive to the anti-parasitic agents contained in flea collars, so if your dog wears a flea collar, consider replacing this for a normal collar.


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Article source:  Pets4Homes

Image source:  jqpubliq on Flickr


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