How To Teach Your Dog To Swim


I just read an article on The Nest on how to teach your dog to swim, written by Louise Lawson.

Louise writes that not all dogs know how to swim naturally.  Some love the water immediately, but not all.

The main points I got from this article is to gently ease your dog into it, with lots of praise, encouragement, and a few treats.

And, YOU would have to get into the water too. 🙂


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Step 1

Find a quiet location with a body of water deep enough that the dog can’t touch the bottom. Many dogs become nervous when surrounded by noise and activity, so the quieter the place, the easier it will be for the dog to concentrate.

Step 2

Place a collar and leash on the dog, and hold the leash at all times. This allows you to keep control of the dog, and keeps him from wandering into deep water.

Step 3

Walk a few steps into the water and call the dog in an excited voice. Allow the dog to sniff and explore the water. Give the dog a treat as soon as she steps into the water.

You can read the rest of the instructions here.


Article source:  The Nest 

Image source:  Nicki Moore on


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